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Hillyfield a 'Test Case' say DNPA

Unsurprisingly to some, our Case-Review with Dartmoor planning officers was less than disappointing. After a seven week wait, we heard that absolutely nothing has changed, in fact, things are even less clear.

The meeting itself had been very positive, but without any noticeably positive outcomes.

Rather than finding a way to reduce the scale and scope of the appeal, it is clear that we are heading full-tilt towards the Public Inquiry.

This is a huge cost for both the Dartmoor National Park Authority, and ourselves, and is a very stressful process.

Thanks to 706 generous supporters, we managed to raise a huge amount of funds to get us here, but now we have to raise an additional £4500 to see it through. Last months amazing event (The Mid-Summer Dream with Martha Tilston and others - see below for some photos) donated £3300 to the kitty, and we will be raising funds at Port Elliot Literature Festival next week (as well as promoting our Rocketlog 'one-log bonfires'). In order to force Dartmoor's hand, and reduce what the Inspector will have to look at during the Inquiry, we have now submitted several Certificates of Lawful Use requests. This should knock at least four items off our enforcement notices, and clear up the continued mis-understanding that there might be some 'residential use' at Hillyfield. We do not, and have never, lived in the woods. Our home is on the outskirts of Totnes. The only people who stay out in the woods are the volunteers who help us make this project work!

You can read the Case Review paperwork on the Appeal Paperwork page by clicking on the Appeal tabs above.

We now have to wait to find out the date, probably sometime in December 2017 or even early next year.

Hillyfield continues to be a hub of activity as we deal with the last of the infected larch and keep ourselves busy chopping wood. There's been a great team of volunteers throughout this hot summer, especially Sami the German Journeyman, Oska who has thrown himself into helping on the land (and making Charcoal) whilst his wife is working away, and Anna who has helped over the past few months as part of the Schumacher College horticultural student volunteer programme.

If you need firewood or planks, or fancy yourself a Rocketlog, then please get in touch.

Have a great summer & hope to share some more positive news shortly! Enjoy these photos taken by Lardography and Laura Muresan from what was a truly spectacular event.

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