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The date of our Public Inquiry has been Postponed.

Probably until Late Summer.

If you know anyone who is thinking of coming PLEASE LET THEM KNOW! It will no longer be taking place in March.

This is interesting timing.

1) It allows us to present the Inspector with an opportunity to explore all the issues in full and come up with a decision which can really help improve our infrastructure to continue our small woodland restoration work on Dartmoor.

2) It will give us time to negotiate with DNPA to see whether we can put the last year behind us and move forward TOGETHER without the need for an inquiry at all! There are some crazy documents which have come to light in the process of preparing our paperwork, including irrefutable support from some leading experts in forestry and landscape character, and some very enlightening internal comments made available through a freedom of information request.

3) THE HEAD OF PLANNING at Dartmoor National Park is leaving. It has not been made public knowledge why, but we hope that the new Head of Planning will be more willing to support sustainable small scale rural livelihoods on Dartmoor. Maybe we can even succeed to inspire some permaculture thinking, or One Planet Guidelines to be written in to the new Local Plan Review and help make Dartmoor an inspiration for innovation in sustainable rural development.

4) This week we are going to get to talk to the director of Dartmoor National Park as part of a conversation with the Bishop of Plymouth (Rt. Revd. Nick McKinnel). This is to explore challenges and opportunities that face Dartmoor and it's communities! Great timing. Thank you all for your support and encouragement in what has been a truly gruelling process of bureaucratic paper shuffling.

Thankfully there is still some winter left to drag some logs and plant some trees!


Doug (The Hillyfield)

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