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Summer 2016

Woodland Events at The Hillyfield

This summer saw 2 wonderful events. The Woodland Olympics 2016 & Our Great Celebration fundraiser for the Hillyfield Appeal. Thank you to everyone who helped make these happen! All the volunteers, guests, competitors and performers! Having a Woodland Open Day at Hillyfield is a great way to meet our wider community and stay in touch.

The Great Celebration was a Great Celebration indeed with folk music by Martha Tilston, The Crow Puppets, Daniel Marcus Clark, and Nathan Ball. And story telling by Martin Shaw, Clive Fairweather, Clive Pigg, and Isabella Story Cycle's Liz Hurly. A feast for all was cooked up by Ginnie including a wonderful pit roast of organic lamb offered by Russel Ashford from Bowden Organic Farm.

The Woodland Olympics, held the following weekend was a very very wet and windy affair. 120 brave souls came to join in with the woodland activities, stalls, talks, and demonstrations including horse logging with Dartmoor Horse Loggers, Green Woodwork with Sylvan Adventures, and stalls from the Sustainable South Brent Woods and Hedgerows Group, and The Hillyfield. Delicious squirrel and venison stew (*all from our own woods) kept us warm, and the Wood Chopping Relay Race was a wild & wet affair. See the photos below to catch up on some of the magic.

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