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Restoring ancient woodland, Planting trees, Dealing with disease. It all takes time and money. If you want to enjoy your local woods - then buy local wood! After all it's the wood that pays that stays.


All of our timber, firewood, and rocketlogs carry the Grown in Britain Kitemark,

your guarantee for quality sustainable home-grown UK timber!

We specialise in Home-Grown, sustainably produced natural and durable timber. 

For more information and see how we can supply your needs please get in touch.


Top Quality superb seasoned firewood just £100/m3 and free delivery within 7miles.


Our wood has been cut for at least 3 years and delivered dry and ready to burn. 

Most of our loads are Larch - a hard soft wood which is almost identical in calorific value to Sycamore. It burns hot and clean.

We have Great Reviews from our customers and Stoves Online UK have published a myth-busting report about how showing what a good firewood it is.

After 14years of buying local timber Brad Richecour who runs Voice Camp and the QiGong camp says 'It's the best wood we have ever burnt'


Nick the Fish says 'It's excellent firewood'.

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The RocketLog®


Hand carved in the heart of the woods at The Hillyfield The Rocketlog is an innovation in Firewood - a free-standing bonfire, a flaming candle in just one log.

Rocket Logs add a special something to your outdoor gathering - on the beach, at a wedding, or other ceremony.


If you fancy a magical flaming centre-piece to your party, or a very unusual gift, then look no further.


A hybrid 'rocket-stove' and 'Swedish Candle', The Rocketlog is hollowed out by hand using a chainsaw, and made from 100% sustainable home-grown timber & directly supports ancient woodland restoration on Dartmoor.

Visit the Website to find out more: 


'Really Impressive' 
'Lasts Ages - Great for a Wedding'

'The Rocketlogs were a great success... 1 burnt for around 4 hours, the other for much longer. Thank goodness I had them... I stood the logs at the entrance to the drive and they were a great success.  You may need to open a Surrey depot next year.' 

Everything Wood!
Planks and Milled Timber... for all your wood creations.

If you have a dream which involves wood then get in touch.

Milled on our mobile sawmill, guaranteed Home-Grown, sustainably sourced, natural and durable timber. Buy Local & support our woods!

We are suppliers for Earthwrights Playground designers, the National Trust, and Terra Perma, as well as many local makers around Dartmoor. We like to be able to offer you exactly what you want.

If you like it natural, and to be part of the process, or have a client who would appreciate to know where their timber grew and what it supports (i.e. the sustainable care of this local ancient woodland) then we would like to talk.

Current Prices: £22/ft3

In 2024 we will start thinning Ash and Sycamore to mill for hardwood planks.

We are also connected to a great network of makers who can make your dreams come true.

Homes, Houses, Sheds, Shacks, Benches, Veg Boxes, Raised Beds, Beds, Shelves, Cladding, Repairs and more. 

Support local woodlands, support local makers and enjoy a top quality job, with top quality materials guaranteed to be supporting the renovation of our ancient woodlands on Dartmoor.


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