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We have nearly built the Barns!

That is right... after 6years of planning obstacles Dartmoor National Park finally agreed that our requests for Forestry barns were properly submitted and that we could move forward. They have also granted us permission for two residential caravans for workers supporting our woodland management activities which we are yet to start work on.

Barn building - and finishing - certainly takes its time!

Firstly we built the wood drying barn, then the Welfare Barn and Workshop, and then the Machinery Store. 'This project will take approximately 2 years' we thought, but it is still ongoing.

We are looking for financial support to help us see this through in full. So far we have attracted 40% of funding through LEADER, and are working with some excellent timber-framers and organising plenty of volunteer opportunities as well as chances to learn at workshops during key parts of the process. Watch this space or sign up direct to hear more.


Each barn is a proper timber-frame construction made entirely from local sourced timber & each designed and built in a different manner. Pole frame with flitch plates, traditional medieval style timber-frame with pegs and sling braces, and the final one more industrial looking and incorporating straw-bale insulation with a 100% home-dug cob layer over the walls. Each of these are built from and of the land.
It is a big job and ongoing so if you want to get involved your help will be gratefully received! Why not get in touch and see how you might be able to volunteer.

Our final build push which is currently underway is to change our touring caravans to two 'single unit caravans' which was part of our planning agreement with DNPA. These will allow us to improve the volunteer accommodation on site (the current caravans are called 'Draughty' and 'Leaky' for good reason) and also help us move towards our goal of decarbonising as the energy requirements will be much less (being properly insulated and heated from a single woodburner). Get in touch if you want to help us build these cabin type structures.


January 2019 - IJ & JC Talbot to carry out groundworks Complete.

On site timber cutting using Woodmizer Lt15 sawmill and home-grown timber

April to July 2019 = Timber Framing of Roundwood & Sawn timber wood-drying barn led by Tom Hilliard Building Ltd. Ongoing volunteer opportunities including Weekend Frame Raisings. 

Continued woodland management tasks. 

July to December 2019 = Timber Framing of the Welfare Barn. Workshop opportunities with Henry Russel (timber-framer extraordinaire)


February 2020 to August 2020 =  A strange bout of global Pandemonia...

August 2020 to December 2020 = Construction of the Machinery Store, a timber-frame and fink-truss barn with straw bale insulation. Workshop opportunities with Henry Russel, also carpentry work for the new community kitchen space.

January to September 2024 + = Construction of 2x single-unit caravans for volunteer accommodation 

If you want to find out more CLICK HERE . Let us know if you want to volunteer, take part in a workshop or if you have specialist skills to share.

Many thanks indeed!   
Doug and Claire tel. 07976589927

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